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  • USA 2-1 Turkey: Turan, Altidore,Dempsey score

    United States of reap victory in Turkey's counter-action trial. But because only a thin win 2-1 after the first lag, the U.S. player himself admitted less satisfied.

    Show at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Saturday (29/05/2010) , the U.S. supported a majority of 55.407 spectators in the stadium had to miss the first of his opponent.

    From behind the attack on 27 minutes, Arda Turan successfully scored the ball into the goal throughout the U.S. that matches escorted by Tim Howard, having previously captured the ball from right-back Jonathan Spector.

    New U.S. can reply in the second half after Jozy Altidore goal hacking into Turkey on 58 minutes after receiving the ball from Landon Donovan Sodoran. In the 75th minute, Donovan scored again become creators with a bait to Clint Dempsey.

    "Sometimes we were a little sluggish," Altidore in Yahoosports criticism.

    This game is the U.S. national team last party before heading to South Africa for World Cup action in 2010. Judging by the results of the action is merely decent, Donovan was warned-warned to his colleague to always appear the best in South Africa.

    "We could be good if we did try to play good. And if we play as our capabilities really are, we can beat many teams in the world," Donovan straightforward encouraged.


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