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  • Brazil 3-0 Chile: Juan great header, Robinho curling strike

    Brazil drove steadily into the quarterfinal, after destroying a fellow representative of South America, Chile, 3-0. In the last eight, Samba will deal with the Dutch.

    Brazil's third goal in the match, which was staged on Monday (28/06/2010) was packed by Juan, Luis Fabiano and Robinho.

    Both teams have an interesting game. Despite losing, but Chile also showed resistance tight.

    In the quarterfinals of Carlos Dunga care team will meet with the Dutch. Previously, Brazilian and Dutch had met three times in the World Cup with two victories for the team results of Samba and one for Orange.

    Brazil's victory occurred in the 1994 World Cup quarterfinals with a 3-2 score and the 1998 World Cup semifinals with a score of 5-3 (1-1, 4-2 on penalties). While the Dutch win 2-0 in World Cup semifinal in 1974.

    The Match

    In the early minutes of the match, Chile, Brazil immediately pressing defense through a puncture Arturo Vidal, Mauricio Isla, and Alexis Sanchez.

    Luis Fabiano! Entering the fourth minute, Fabiano has a chance. Having successfully penetrated the left side of the Chilean defense without the benefit of the Guard means, the player's number off the back nine executions that is still far off the mark.

    Four minutes later, Gilberto Silva's turn to have the opportunity to bring Brazil's superior. But this effort failed thanks to the rescue by Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

    Humberto Suazo! Chile attacker was getting ripe opportunity. After receiving feedback, the player's back nine numbered was a success despite a convoy opened fire from Lucio. But the shot was too weak and could easily have arrested Julio C├ęsar.

    Distance shots back towards goal off Brazil Chile. Bravo again to tame mengkandaskan opportunities Samba Ramires kick in minute 18.

    Lucio was dropped in the penalty box on 27 minutes. From the replays show that the Inter Milan player was propped hard by Pablo Contreras and the next ball out. The referee decided to give corner in Brazil.

    Goals? Brazil opened the scoring through Juan in the 34th minute. Utilizing the removable football corner Maicon, Juan is not too terkawal gore ball that fails to reach by Bravo.

    Three minutes later, Selecao increasingly widening the distance thanks to goals Luis Fabiano. These goals diawalai from Robinho moves from the left wing which then sends the ball into the middle.

    Jabulani Kaka received a pass to Luis Fabiano. Escorts who do not get too tight, Fabiano then managed to avoid Bravo tembaknya forward to close the space. Sevilla striker then it took off a shot that brought Brazil 2-0.

    Both teams play each other at intervals of ten minutes of pressing the start the second half.

    Dunga troops further away in the 59th minute thanks to a goal Robinho. Architect of the goals is that by its action Ramires successfully unload the heart of the defense of Chile. Furthermore, Ramires handed the ball to Robinho's free-standing and drop shots that failed intercepted Bravo.

    Left behind three goals did not make Chile loose. La Roja kept trying to rush past goalkeeper Julio Cesar Alexis Sanchez and Jorge Valdivia.

    Robinho almost added a collection of his goal at minute 73. Escaped the offside trap, the player who had a uniformed Real Madrid was then attacked the left side of the defense of Chile. Next Robinho opened fire which was still able to ditangkal Bravo.

    A minute later turn into action to block the shot Julio Cesar Suazo - who previously had to try hard to get past the guard Lucio.

    Suzao terror against Brazilian has not ended. Three minutes later, a half-volley kick numbered nine players failed to reach Julio Cesar, but still on the slide and the ball left the playing field.

    Six minutes to disperse, Chile back opportunity. Receive feed Jorge Valdivia, Jean Beausejour opened fire towards the far pole. But the ball was crossed in addition to the target.

    Both teams continued to attack each other. However, until the fight closed no additional goal is created.

    Team Line-up:

    Brazil: 1-Julio Cesar; 4-Juan, 3-Lucio, 6-Michel Bastos, 2-Maicon, 8-Gilberto Silva, 18-Ramires, 10-Kaka (20-Kleberson 79 '), 11-Robinho (16 - Gilberto Melo 85 '), 13-Dani Alves, 9-Luis Fabiano (21-Nilmar 76')

    Chile: 1-Claudio Bravo; 18-Gonzalo Jara, 5-Pablo Contreras (21-Rodrigo Tello 46 '), 2-Ismael Fuentes, 4-Mauricio Isla (20-Rodrigo Millar 61'), 6-Carlos Carmona, 15 - Jean Beausejour, 8-Arturo Vidal, 11-Mark Gonzalez (10-Jorge Valdivia 46 '), 7-Alexis Sanchez, Humberto Suazo-9


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