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  • Paraguay 5-3 Japan: Penalties shoot-out drama

    Paraguay advanced to the quarterfinals after defeat Japan on penalties with the score 5-3. Penalties carried out after both teams played a draw over 120 minutes.

    Paraguay match staged at the Japanese counter Lotus Versfeld, Pretoria, Tuesday (29/06/2010) .

    In the round of penalty shoot-out, the executor is the players who experienced failure of Japan Yuichi Komano. His kick hit the crossbar.

    This is the first time the epithet Guaranies country had pulled the last eight. In the quarterfinals, Roque Santa Cruz et al. awaiting the winner between Spain contra Portugal.

    The Match

    Japan kicked off in the first minute. Kick from outside the penalty box Yoshito Okubo was released from the goalkeeper Justo Villar inches away.

    Invasive Samurai Blue has not stopped. This time, Yuichi Komano turn off long distance shots from the right wing. But the ball too slowly and could be arrested Villar.

    Japanese defense get threats in the 19th minute. Lucas Barrios guards managed to break off the execution of the next Japanese player who can still denied by Eiji Kawashima. Yuji Nakazawa secured the ball wild.

    Daisuke Matsui! 21 minutes Matsui launched a shot from outside the penalty box that hit the crossbar still Paraguay.

    Kans for South American teams present at minute 28. Starting from a corner of the football situation, the ball fell to Roque Santa Cruz. But the release of gunfire still deviated from the target.

    Six minutes into the gap, Matsui cooperation and Keisuke Honda presents opportunity for Japan. But Honda is still sideways kick off the target.

    Forty minutes after the restart Nestor Ortigoza Japanese succeeded in penetrating the penalty box after exchanging feedback with a colleague. But the rear of the Blue Samurai Ortigoza to successfully prevent a shot.

    54 minutes, Yugo Nagamoto opened fire from outside the penalty box. Jabulani then hit the back of the Paraguayan players. Justo Villar comfortably prevent the ball that led to the post.

    Cristian Riveros! Paraguay midfielder header after receiving a cross from the left wing Claudio Morel successfully secured by Eiji Kawashima.

    Throughout the second half minutes, the Japanese relied more shots from outside the penalty box. Meanwhile, Paraguay release the invasion from within the box 12 fits.

    Efforts to substitute Edgar Barreto in the 77th minute was also still not complicate Kawashima.

    The last chances in the second round presence in the injury time. Starting from a Yasuhito Endo free kick, the ball in the penalty box and then headed by Yuji Nakazawa. Jabulani try Tulio Tanaka chased but failed to reach by the player's number four.

    Two minutes of age the first half of extra time, Lucas Barrios who received a ball cross the goal toward Japan. Jabulani Kawashima landed right in the catchment.

    Paraguay opportunities present in minute 97. Morel that moves on the left wing to send the ball to Nelson Valdez near the penalty box. Furthermore escorted Tulio Valdez ran toward the goal of Japan. Kawashima who came forward to break opportunity.

    Keisuke Honda! His free-kick in the 98th minute forced the goalkeeper Justo Villar to throw herself to save the post.

    Through a crisis situation, Edgar Baretto kicked the ball still lodged in the side of the goal nets Asian representatives. This incident took place at minute 100.

    Until the first extra time ended, the score was still 0-0 right.

    Valdez has a chance at re-re-minute 108. However his header which utilizes a free kick can easily hold by Kawashima.

    Four minutes before end of extra time, Japan has a ripe opportunity. Okazaki who qualify for the next opponent's penalty box pass to the middle, but no one welcomes.

    A wave of Japanese attacks continued. Nagatomo bait led to the Honda. However his header mainstay of Japan's players still managed to be saved by Villar.

    Penalty Shoot-out

    Obtained by Paraguay's first chance with Edgar Baretto as executor of the first. Bernor eight players managed to finish the job. Although Kawashima goalkeeper managed to jump in the right direction, but he quickly lost.

    Equate Japan Yasuhito Endo scored when the execution successfully outwit Justo Villar.

    South American representatives managed to lead 2-1 after kicking Lucas Barrios gwang hacked in Japan. This time Kawashima back quickly from losing the ball, though it was moving in the right direction.

    Scores changed to 2-2 when Makoto Hasebe kick failed arrested Villar.

    Kawashima this time deceived when dealing with third kick taken Paraguay Cristian Riveros. As a result turned into a 3-2 score to Guaranies.

    Japan failed in a third chance! Yuichi Komano kick failed to reach Villar but still hit the crossbar.

    Paraguay have the upper hand when it kicks Nelson Valdes is directed to middle was stopped by goalkeeper failed Kawashima moving towards the right.

    Execution Keisuke Honda of Japan is still keeping his breath. Right-hand corner kick toward the goal of Paraguay.

    Step into the quarterfinals of Paraguayan Oscar Cardozo ascertained when kicking outwit Kawashima. With a score of 5-3, the eight big ticket grasped the South American representative.

    Team Line-up:

    Paraguay: Justo Villar-1; 21-Antolin Alcaraz, 14-Paulo Da Silva, Claudio Morel Rodriguez-3, 6-Carlos Bonet, 20-Nestor Ortigoza (8-Edgar Barretto 75 '), 16-Cristian Riveros, 13-Enrique Vera, 10-Edgar Benitez (18-Nelson Valdes 59 '), 9-Roque Santa Cruz (7-Oscar Cardozo 91'), 19-Lucas Barrios

    Japan: 21-Eiji Kawashima; 4-Marcus Tulio Tanaka, 22-Yuji Nakazawa, 5-Yugo Nagatomo, 3-Yuichi Komano, 2-Yuki Abe (14-Kengo Nakamura 80 '), 7-Yasuhito Endo, 17-Makoto Hasebe , 16-Yoshito Okubo (Keiji Tamada 11-105 '), 18-Keisuke Honda, 8-Daisuke Matsui (9-Shinji Okazaki 65')


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