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  • Chile 1-0 Switzerland: Mark Gonzales scored, Behrami sent-off

    Chile managed to grab three points back after beating Switzerland 1-0. These results place the tip of Chile to the Group H standings

    Match between Switzerland contra Chile held in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, on Monday (6/21/2010) .

    After the kick off, Chile seemed more dominant than his opponent. Domination Chile deepened after Valon Behrami of Switzerland lost a red card for elbowing a player regarded opponent, Arturo Vidal.

    Although superior in the number of players, Chile attacks still failed to penetrate the defenses of Switzerland. As a result the first half closed with 0-0.

    After the intermission, then scored Chile was born. Entering Vidal substitute Mark Gonzalez appear as a hero by scoring the single goal of this game in minute 75.

    With three points, Chile was ranked top of the standings with six points were the result of collection action twice. While Switzerland is still at number two with a collection of three points.

    The next match, Chile will meet Spain. While the Swiss minister of Honduras.

    The game

    Chile appear more 'alive' than the opponent. Ten minutes walking action, launched two attacks Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal through two successive hard kick. Thanks to the attentiveness of goalkeeper Diego Benaglio, Switzerland wicket remained a virgin.

    Up to 22 minutes, the game still running flat. Both Chile and Switzerland are still experiencing difficulties to penetrate the opponent's defense.

    Minute 26, the Swiss had chances through Stephane Gritching. A crossing with header welcome but unfortunately the ball is far wide of the goalpost.

    Disastrous for Switzerland. one of its flagship, Valon Behrami who was fighting for the ball with direct Vidal 'rewarded' red card by the referee for being elbowed his opponent's. This complements the four red cards already issued a yellow card by referee Khalil Al Ghamdi in this fight.

    Other opportunities generated by Chile at minute 33. Matias Fernandes who ran off the left side operand field which was greeted by Gonzalo Jara. The ball is still flawed.

    Excelling in the number of players, Chile more aggressive attack. A Humberto Suazo header and Sanchez has not met targets. Score goggles survive until the interval.

    Three minutes into the second half, goals by Sanchez Chile made a hard kick off beginning with the set-piece. Unfortunately the referee annulled the goal was due to three other players in Chile in an offside position.

    At minute 55, the Swiss almost conceded a goal yet again by Sanchez. An attacker with seven number one jersey this successfully outwit Steve von Bergen and the ball so that the living face with the goalkeeper. Benaglio kick can still be anticipated.

    Matches tension is getting hotter. Behrami proved after the red card there were four other yellow cards the referee out of pocket for players from both camps.

    Switzerland tries to do the counter attack. Unfortunately this effort from Blaise N'Kufo could still be defeated by Jara.

    Aggressiveness Chile finally scored in minute 75 to bear fruit. Esteban Paredes send a feed from the right side near the goal line greeted by Mark Gonzalez header and slid the ball into the goal Benaglio. 1-0 for Chile.

    Eleven minutes later, Chile was about to add to his goals. Paredes who have been in front of goal without the escort failed netted the ball.

    A minute before dispersal, Paredes returned to make a golden opportunity. Unfortunately kick still deviated on the left side of goal.

    After that, Switzerland then launched an effective counterattack. Gokhan Inler struck horizontally through the rear of Chile. Unlucky for Switzerland, a thin ball wide.

    Team Line-up:
    Chile: 1-Claudio Bravo, Waldo Ponce-3, 8-Gonzalo Jara, 17-Gary Medel, 14-Matias Fernandez (22-Esteban Paredes 65 '), 6-Carlos Carmona, 8-Arturo Vidal (11-Mark Gonzalez 45 '), 4-Mauricio Isla, 9-Humberto Suazo (10-Jorge Valdivia 45'), 9-Juan Beausejour, 7-Alexis Sanchez

    Switzerland: 1-Diego Benaglio, 13-Stephane Grichting, 3-Steve von Bergen, 17-Reto Ziegler, 2-Stephen Lichsteiner, 6-Benjamin Huggel, 8-Gokhan Inler, 16-Gelson Fernandes (18-Albert Bunjaku 77 ') , 11-Valon Behrami, 10-Blaise N'Kufo (19-Eren Derdiyok 67 '), 9-Alexander Frei (7-Tranquillio Barnetta 42')


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    no doubt chilli was the favorite for this game and they prove chance for the swiss to upset them this time...

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