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  • Portugal 7-0 Korea DPR: The best of flowing football

    Portugal had its first victory with a perfect pick. Playing versus Korea DPR, Selecao das Quinas epithet team won seven goals without reply.

    Allowance for the Group G match between Portugal vs North Korea took place on Monday (6/21/2010) at Green Point Stadium.

    Since the early games, Portugal has been performing pressing. But only in minute 29, the first goal they created through Raul Meireles.

    Portugal really slaughtered his opponents in the second half with another six goals that were successfully created. The sixth goal was scored by Simao, Hugo Almeida, Tiago (two goals), Liedson and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    This victory represents the first victory Selecao das Quinas at this tournament after previously only managed to play 0-0 draw with Ivory Coast.

    With three points gained, Portugal is now in the order of two standings with four values. At the party last provision, Portugal will serve Brazil.

    Whereas for this defeat, Korea increasingly immersed in the sequence of four championship without reaching any one point.

    The game

    Only seven minutes of action runs, Portugal had to get a golden opportunity. Starting from football corner, Ricardo Carvalho managed to gore the opponent the ball with goalkeeper had left the nest. Bad luck for him, the ball still hit the post.

    Eleven minutes later, turn to spread the threat of North Korea. From hard kick Hong Yong-jo who successfully pushed over Eduardo. But in front of it still exist Pak Nam-chol who then release the header. Unfortunately, the ball is still bouncing.

    Portugal scored only present in minute 29. Meireles be an opening score of this match after receiving feedback from Tiago breakthrough successfully executed perfectly. Portugal while winning 1-0.

    No less than 10 minutes, good movement back Meireles pose a threat. From a nearby place from where he scored earlier, he took off his kick but the ball was still deviated to the right goalpost North Korea.

    Portugal advantage lasted until halftime.

    A minute into the second half, Portugal directly pressed again. Tiago is moving toward the middle of the box and then kick off unfortunately, the ball can still be ignored Myong-woof.

    Two minutes later, North Korea by Yong-Jo reply. But the kick from outside the penalty box is still too weak and easily been arrested Eduardo.

    North Korea got a free kick for a foul that created Carvalho. But Portugal's goalkeeper was alert to catch the ball.

    The nightmare began in Korea on 53 minutes. Successful Simao netted the ball into the goal that North Korea makes the team is now 2-0.

    Not even five minutes, goalkeeper Myong-woof again collapsed. Starting from crossing Fabio Coentrao, Almeida who was in front of goal and without escort the ball so easily just gore lead in minute 56 goals.

    Portugal's truly brilliant show tonight. A re-born goal in minute 60 of the foot Tiago who got assists from Cristiano Ronaldo from the left side of the field.

    Winning four goals have not created Portugal's loosening of strikes. Mireles who almost added another goal for his team did not assume his kick wide to the side on 64 minutes.

    Portugal bombardment attack once again succeeded in forcing Myong-woof picked the ball from his own nets for the fifth time. Crossing lower than that fell at the feet Coentrao Liedson. The new players were signed to replace Almeida struck direct the ball into the goal in minute 81.

    Seven minutes later, Ronaldo's turn to break into North goal. Moving into the forbidden box, players outwit the world's most expensive goalkeeper Korea and successfully netted the ball.

    Become party complementary goals Tiago of Portugal. In minute 89, Tiago scored in this match both after receiving mature crossing from Coentrao.

    Team Line-up:

    Portugal: 1-Eduardo, 2-Bruno Alves, 6-Ricardo Carvalho, 23-Fabio Coentrao, 13-Miguel, 8-Pedro Mendes, 16-Raul Meireles (14-Miguel Veloso 70 '), 19-Tiago, 11-Simao (5-Duda 74 '), 18-Hugo Almeida (9-Liedson 77'), 7-Cristiano Ronaldo

    Korea DPR: 1-Ri Myong-woof, 3-Jun-Il Ri, 13-Pak Chon-Jin, 8-Ji Yun-Nam, 2-Cha Jong-Hyok (16-Nam Song-chol 75 '), 17 - An Yong-Hak, 4-Pak Nam-chol (6-Kim Kum-Il 58 '), 11-Mun In-woof (15-Kim Yong-Jun 58'), 10, Hong Yong-Jo, 9-Jong Tae -Se


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