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  • Denmark 2-1 Cameroon: Eto'o,Bendtner, Romedahl score

    Danes managed to beat Cameroon 2-1 in a match that took place Saturday (19/06/2010). For Cameroon, the defeat was forcing them to lift the suitcase from the World Cup in 2010.

    In a match that was held at Lotus Versfeld, Pretoria, the first winner of Cameroon Samuel Eto'o pass. Danish reply by Nicklas Bendtner. Dennis assured Dynamite team victory by Romedahl .

    These results make Cameroon became the first team eliminated from the World Cup. With two defeats from two matches, the team maximum points upbringing Paul Le Guen is three.

    Meanwhile, Danish and Japanese will fight to win the last ticket to accompany the last 16 of the Netherlands. Were both collected three points, then the maximum value of Dynamite or Samurai Blue at the last party of six. Had this game ended in a draw, then both teams will have a value of four and it would never overtaken by Cameroon.

    While the Dutch are now six points while collecting and sitting on top of the standings while the group E. The defeat of Cameroon in the final game will not block the move of De Oranje.

    The game

    Danish open opportunities through Dennis Rommedahl in the sixth minute. After puncture of the right side, he then opened fire still pass on the goal of Cameroon.

    Cameroon opened the scoring in the ninth minute through Samuel Eto'o. This goal begins mistake Danish rearguard. Sorensen flat ball to Christian Poulsen. Furthermore Poulsen directing the ball into the left but could be seized by Achille Emana.

    By Emana, the ball then directed to Samuel Eto'o who do not get tight escort in the penalty box. Inter Milan striker had failed to release execution dammed Sorensen.

    A minute later, Emana almost scored through a penalty kick from outside the box. But the ball is released numbered ten players still sideways.

    Gronkjaer! Through a set play, the Danish players were numbered eight opened fire from outside the penalty box that can still be blocked by a defender and led to Cameroon football corner.

    European representatives continue to try to score goals penyama. Feed flat from Lars Jacobsen addressed to Jon Dahl Tomasson in the penalty box. Soleymanou goalkeeper Hamidou deftly cut the ball.

    Danish efforts resulted in the 33rd minute after goalkeeper Nicklas Bendtner hacked in Cameroon. Gol started with a long feed from the Danish defense, which was subsequently accepted Rommedahl in the right wing.

    Then Rommedahl off a cross into the penalty box. Bendtner there are not too tight escort managed to get the ball into the Cameroon goal.

    Entering the final five minutes, lasted exciting game. Both teams exchanged attacks.

    Jon Dahl Tomasson kick can still be blocked by Alexander Song. Then gunfire Samuel Eto'o is still to win the game. Kans Cameroon through Emana kick can still detained by Sorensen.

    Whistle had just blown the second half, Cameroon's groundbreaking direct. Through the corner of the football situation Stephane M'Bia launched header that can still ignored by Sorensen.

    Rommedahl! Senior players lead the team this Danish Dynamite 2-1 lead in minute 61. Receive the feed from the midfield, then ran slicing Rommedahl right wing.

    Arriving in the penalty box, managed to outwit the Guard Rommedahl Jean Makoun and then opened fire curved nesting in the lower right corner of the Cameroon goal.

    Tomasson! Less dense Cameroon defense successfully exploited the Danish players. Tomasson who was in the penalty box live, face to face with goalkeeper Hamidou. But the Danish players kick shot stopper was successfully countered Indomitable Lions.

    Cameroon Kans present in minute 77. But spurn Emana released from the right goalpost successfully thwarted by Sorensen.

    Onslaught continues conducted by a representative of Africa until the end of the game. Still no goals are created.

    Team Line-up:
    Cameroon: 16-Soleymanou Hamidou, 5-Sebastien Bassong (17-Mohamadou Idrissou 72 '), 3-Nicolas N'Koulou, 2-Benoit Assou-Ekotto, 19-Stephane M'Bia, 6-Alex Song, 18-Eyong Enoh (11-Jean Makoun 46 '), 8-Geremi, 10-Achille Emana, 15-Pierre Webo (23-Vincent Aboubakar 78'), 9-Samuel Eto'o

    Denmark: 1-Thomas Sorensen; 4-Daniel Agger, 3-Simon Kjaer, 15-Simon Poulsen, 6-Lars Jacobsen, 10-Martin Jorgensen (7-Daniel Jensen 46 '), 2-Christian Poulsen, 8-Jesper Gronkjaer ( 12-Thomas Kahlenberg 66 '), 19-Dennis Rommedahl, 9-Jon Dahl Tomasson, 11-Nicklas Bendtner


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