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  • Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay: Vera, Riveros brilliant-strike

    Paraguay won and got crucial 3 points after defeating Slovakia 2-0. Two goals by Enrique La Vera Albirroja and Cristian Riveros.

    Allowance for the Group F match between Paraguay contra Slovakia held in Free State Stadium, Sunday (20/06/2010) .

    Since the beginning of Paraguay has been directly hit his opponent. But the first goal at minute newborn-27 through Riveros Vera and his team added advantage to 2-0 in four minutes before the game ended.

    With this victory, Paraguay is now pocketing the value of four and temporarily occupied the first rank, while Slovakia sit bloated ranks.

    The game

    Only three minutes walk, directly Paraguay spread threats. Roque Santa Cruz made it through Martin Skrtel unfortunately managed to cast a hard shot ball is still falling behind the goal in January Mucha.

    The threat of Paraguay was born two minutes later. Enrique Vera who was in the right side of the field send the operands to the Nelson Haedo Valdez and then perform a kick. Shit for Valdez, the shot misses the point.

    Paraguay continues to storm the Slovak defense. In the 19th minute, Carlos Riveros kick off the right foot hard to fig opposing goal lead right but the ball still easily on Mucha hold.

    Working together one-two-Vera and Lucas Barrios runs slick. Vera sent to the Barrios backpass which then kicks off from inside the penalty box. But the ball is still soaring high above the crossbar.

    Paraguay's new efforts to bear fruit in the 27th minute. Barrios succeeded in removing baked with a clever bait completed Vera who was standing in front of goal. Paraguay 1-0 lead.

    When pressed down, the Slovak finally managed to also create an opportunity in the 37th minute. Football corner January Cossacks greeted by Kornel Salata but the ball still falls.

    Paraguay has not loosen its attacks. Due to bad backpass Cossacks, Santa Cruz and then grabbed him and directing the ball into the goal. Unfortunately, once again his efforts can still be ignored Mucha through his legs. Until halftime score was 1-0 for the excellence of Paraguay.

    Post-pause the game runs with a slower tempo than before. Until the first 20 minutes of the second half, there has been no team that successfully gave birth to a dangerous opportunity.

    Paraguay nearly increased his lead on 72 minutes. Crossing the Santa Cruz was welcomed by Vera who then took off header. Damn, his header thin widened to the right side wicket Mucha.

    Other opportunities created by Aurelio Torres Paraguay four minutes later. Valdez replace players who enter this makes a direct kick but the ball is still flying off the mark.

    Paraguay advantage increases in minute 86. Riveros who was in the penalty box with a free kick off hard toward the goal and went inside. Paraguay now lead 2-0.

    Slovakia tried to reply via Vladimir Weiss. We had enough chances still sideways.

    Until the long whistle sounded, no goals are created. Score 2-0 to win Paraguay.

    Team Line-up:
    Slovakia: 1-Jan Mucha; 2-Peter Pekarik, 3-Martin Skrtel, 16-Jan Durica, Zdeno Strba six-, seven-Vladimir Weiss, 8-Jan Cossacks, 21-Kornel Salata (15-Miroslav Stoch), 17 - Marek Hamsik, 11-Robert Vittek, 9-Stanislav Sestak (10-Filip Holosko 69 ').

    Paraguay: Justo Villar-1, 6-Carlos Bonet, 21-Antolin Alcaraz, 14-Paulo Da Silva, 3-Claudio Morel, 13-Enrique Vera, 15-Victor Caceres, Cristian Riveros, 16, 9-Roque Santa Cruz, 18 -Nelson Valdez (17-Aureliano Torres 67 '), 19-Lucas Barrios (7-Oscar Cardozo 80')


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