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  • AC Milan 4-0 Lecce: Pato double

    AC Milan starting with the 2010/2011 Serie A season, pocketing three points. Host Lecce at San Siro, Sunday (08/29/2010), and the Rossoneri reap look impressive 4-0 victory.

    In front of her own supporters, Milan appeared very confident. Allegri Massimilliano touch very positive indication because Andrea Pirlo appear very convincing and demonstrate an attractive attacking football.

    Alexandre Pato is a Milan victory opened the scoring in minute 16, before Thiago Silva doubled seven minutes later. 'The Duck' that Brazilian Diavolo Rosso scored their second goal at minute 28 and was finally closed Filippo Inzaghi through its action on 90 minutes.

    These results bring Diavolo Rosso while at the top of Serie A standings,Andrea Pirlo cs superior goal difference compared to Lazio, Parma, Chievo and Bari are also picking the first victory in Serie A this weekend.

    The game

    Jump to appear to attack since the early minutes, the first opportunity came from Milan fetched goal-kick rocket Thiago Silva in minute 12, which must be laboriously punched Lecce goalkeeper Antonio Rosati. Four minutes after that occasion, a goal finally scored by Pato.

    Starting from the collaboration between Marco Borriello and Massimo Ambrossini, Pato just need to control the ball very hard kick, then disconnect the nest in the corner pole far goalpost Lecce.

    Six minutes later Seedorf throw away the opportunity to double the benefits. Receive an in-feed measurable Ronaldinho lob right in front of goal, kicking the Dutch midfielder was Rosati saved very well.

    Milan's second goal really created a minute ago. Lecce goalkeeper crisis in advance the results of a cross that had deflected Dinho Pato, successfully kicked into the goal by Silva. The Brazilian defender did after winning a duel with three opposing players right in front of the goal line.

    Pato scored two, and the third for Milan, in minute 28. Dinho breakthrough bait successfully split the Lecce defense and see Pato who stabbed into the middle of the penalty box. With the cold he bamboozle the goalkeeper and struck the ball into the empty goal.

    Milan had at least five potentially ripe opportunity goals before halftime. Scintillating performance from Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf and Dinho host makes the game very attractive and the front-line Milan so spoiled with the bait-bait is very measurable.

    One such opportunity is the effort to Dinho scored from the middle of the field when he saw the goalkeeper was not in position. Pato while throwing two chances to add goals because of his efforts countered the opponent goalkeeper.

    When the break, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had been sitting in the stands with spectators Adriano Galliani, was introduced to the audience. He was given a jersey with his name but has not specified the number one jersey.

    In the second half of Milan's dominance did not diminish. Entering the 60th minute Allegri interesting Borriello and Filippo Inzaghi put aging players, a decision that apparently has a positive impact for Milan.

    Four minutes after the entry field, Pippo immediate threat to spread. Controlling the perfect bait Dinho, Pippo release lever still kick hit the crossbar.

    In minute 77 Lecce get best opportunities through Chevanton, the time is still wide from the goal tandukannya Christian Abbiati. This is one of the best opportunities throughout the game are owned Lecce.

    Milan's goals came in the closing 90 minutes. Starting from the hard work on the right side of Gennaro Gattuso, Pippo gets the first ball hit Kevin Prince Boateng and defender Lecce. Inzaghi hard kick into the goal before striking the foot of goalkeeper setelh.

    Team Line-up:

    Milan: Abbiati; Bonera, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Antonini; Ambrosini (Gattuso 71), Pirlo, Seedorf, Ronaldinho, Borriello (Inzaghi 63), Pato (Boateng 76)

    Lecce: Rosati; Vives, Donati, Here, Giuliatto (Chevanton 32) (89 Brivio), Ferrario; Munari (Piatti 54), Giacomazzi, Grossmuller; Josiah; Corvia


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