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  • Racing Santander 0-3 Barcelona: Messi, Iniesta, Villa scored

    Defending champion Barcelona started the La Liga this season with positive results. Travel to Racing Santander, El Barca 3-0 win in which David Villa scored the first for his new club.

    In a match that held in El Sadinero, Sunday (08/29/2010) , the Barca already 2-0 up in first-half goals by Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta. While in the second half Villa confirmed the victory of his team.

    With this three-point lead Alzugrana sit in second place while racing in 19th position.

    The game

    Barca usual course of action despite dominating play in the opponent's headquarters. Just two minutes walk of their already superior game by kicking Messi inside the penalty box following a breakthrough feed from Xavi Hernandez.

    In the 17th minute of Villa endanger Racing goalkeeper Tono escorted after a kick to the goalkeeper pushed over. Six minutes after Messi through individual action through three opposing players still fail netted only goal after the ball hit the goalposts.

    Iniesta gives Barca double advantage in the 33rd minute. Wild ball begins Tono sweep results in the penalty box, Iniesta directly to lob the ball from a distance of 25 yards past goalkeeper Tono.

    In the 35th minute Racing actually have the opportunity to reduce the state after a penalty awarded to the player following a breach of Maxwell Racing. But Mohammed Tachite failed to execute properly after Victor Valdes with the ball is briskly dismissed.

    A minute before the break Villa can score goals but unfortunately the trigger line judge raised the flag of the former sign Valencia striker was in an offside position.

    Barca game in the second round is still the dominant game by relying on short-leg to the bait. But the third goal just to get in 61 minutes and Villa successfully achieve goals in La Liga debut party with Barca.

    Crossing Dani Alves from the right wing to make the ball toward the pole away and Villa who leapt between two players who guard it, success in placing the skin round the top left corner of goalkeeper Tono.

    In the 87th minute through a shot Alves severity from a distance of 20 yards forcing Tono perform brilliantly over a rescue post. 3-0 score stood until usainya any matches.

    Team Line-up:

    Racing Santander: Tono, Torrejon, Henrique, Francis, Cisma, Colsa (Tziolis 73 '), Diop, Kennedy (Nahuelpan 67'), Munitis, Arana (Gonzalez 67 '), Tchite.

    Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Puyol, Abidal, Maxwell, Sergio, Xavi (Pedro 45 '), Keita, Iniesta (Adriano 82'), Villa (Bojan 77 '), Messi.


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