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  • Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid: Villa double, Ramos red-card

    El Clasico exclaimed belong to Barcelona. Barca won the absolute of their rivals, Real Madrid, and finished the fight with a fantastic score: 5-0!

    In the action held at the Camp Nou stadium on Monday (11/29/2010) , Barca burst of speed since the first round begins. As a result, only nine minutes of the game running they were winning 1-0 goal by Xavi Hernandez. Brilliant bait from Iniesta, Xavi a bit of luck for the ball almost released, and with cool finish flick conquerIker Casillas.

    Nine minutes later puncture of the left wing by David Villa completed with slick by Pedro Rodriguez at the mouth of goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Barcelona Madrid 2-0 lead and despite trying to catch up, they play perfect to maintain superiority.

    Action had heated up with colored protest to the referee, yellow card and the clash of players. But the most attention is the encouragement Cristiano Ronaldo to coach Barcelona, Guardiola. Beginning with the ball out of the field for Madrid, Ronaldo intends to immediately retrieve the ball, but Guardiola hold it, CR7 get a yellow card for his actions.

    The next incident was when Lionel Messi elbowed Carvalho in the 45th minute. The incident stems from Messi down after contact with Carvalho. Messi got up and went to Carvalho.

    Carvalho, who was in a position to swing the arms back so that his elbow Messi on the face Messi. Against this incident, the referee gave a yellow card to Messi.

    Unfortunately, the increasing rivalry atmosphere only led to incidents of counter-Fairplay, not a goal, as seen from figures 2-0 in the scoreboard did not change until the halftime whistle sounded.

    Barcelona then took the initiative to attack early in the second half. As a result, about ten minutes first, they were able to shut Madrid and created two chances goal by Messi and Xavi in the 48th minute and 52nd. However, while the execution is blocked Messi, Xavi shot on the left side of the net beyond goalkeeper Casillas.

    Madrid has not risen, when Barcelona finally managed to increase the advantage to 3-0, through David Villa in the 55th minute.

    Goals stems from a breakthrough bait Lionel Messi. Villa located in the middle of the penalty box in the convoy Pepe, Pepe managed to outwit, to reach the bait Messi and shoot it into the net Madrid.

    Almost without difficulty, Villa bring Barcelona 4-0 ahead in the 58th minute. Goals stems from a breakthrough bait Lionel Messi to Villa in the penalty box. Before Villa had the ball, move forward Casillas. However, Villa to reach the ball first and struck. The ball rolled between the legs horizontally past Madrid goalkeeper Casillas entry.

    Madrid and then try to lower the tempo of the game. This business is effectively mitigate attack your opponent, but did not facilitate the Madrid attacks.

    In the midst of trouble attacking, Barcelona still managed to create a small shock through long-distance shots Sergio Busquets, who shot just over the crossbar Casillas in the 66th minute.

    By the 70th minute, Barcelona tried to steal the ball and raise the tempo of the game. Although not necessarily a threat could slip, Madrid, Barcelona managed to dictate the game.

    Different from before, Barcelona is no longer in a hurry to attack. In a slower tempo, they play ball control.

    The absence of threatening movements from both sides, reduce the dynamics of the game and the atmosphere of the Nou Camp. Return new atmosphere heats up when in the 74th minute, Lionel Messi tries slices defend. However, the ball under his rule, successfully taken Lassana Diarra and Messi himself physically in contact with Arbeloa. Nothing out of the pocket card referee.

    Two minutes later, Andres Iniesta's turn which had fallen due to Sami Khedira violated. This time, the referee brandished a yellow card to Khedira.

    After two moments, Barcelona increased aggressiveness that led to the movement of hazardous than Bojan and Messi. While Bojan able to execute the ball, which secured Casillas, Messi lose the ball before he could do the execution.

    Despite failing, Barcelona trying to retain their position in the region opposite to the control of the ball. In some occasions, they tried to look for opportunities to make the fifth goal. However, Madrid's players are more alert and calm under pressure so that the host can break it.

    In the last five minutes, Guardiola to replace Xavi and Pedro with Seydou Keita and Jeffren Suarez. Injection of fresh blood and boost the tension game beyond expectations, in the 90th minute, Barcelona is able to add goals through Jeffren.

    Bojan goal stems from the movement in the left sector of defense Madrid and ended with a cross. Jeffren in the middle of the penalty box managed to outwit Ramos, who escorted him and send the ball into goalkeeper Casillas.

    Towards the end of the fight, an incident occurred again, Sergio Ramos act of breaking Messi and pushed Carles Puyol and Xavi . He then rewarded the red card.

    The sanctions were not yet aware of Ramos. On the way to reserve seats, he met with Xavi and are also encouraged.

    Ramos did not make the act of a protracted hot situation, because not long after he returned to reserve seats, the referee's whistle sounded the end, the cheers of supporters greeted the host.

    Over 90 minutes, Barcelona had the ball as much as 67 percent and created six golden opportunity from 15 businesses. Meanwhile, Madrid releasing two accurate shots from five experiments.

    With that result, Barcelona is entitled to collect 34 points and climbed to the top of the standings, replaces Madrid has 32 points.

    Team Line-ups:

    Barcelona: Victor Valdes; Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Eric Abidal, Dani Alves; Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez (Seydou Keita 87); Pedro (Jeffren Suarez 87), David Villa (Bojan Krkic 76), Lionel Messi
    Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo (Álvaro Arbeloa 60), Sergio Ramos; Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria; Mesut Oezil, Karim Benzema


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