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  • AC Milan 3-0 Brescia: Boateng, Robinho, Ibrahimovic great-finish

    AC Milan back to keep its distance from its competitors to continue to be at the top of Serie A. The results obtained after the Rossoneri beat Brescia with the score 3-0.

    In a match that was held at the San Siro on Saturday (12/4/2010) , Milan scored the third goal all in the first half. Kevin Prince Boateng opened doubled the advantage before Robinho and closed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    Additional three-point lead Milan while back away from his rivals at the top. With 33 points, three points ahead Rossoneri from Lazio in the order of two. While Brescia stuck in the order of 18 with total points amounted to 12.

    The game

    In front of supporters, Milan did not take long to open the advantage. Use of bait is released Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kevin Prince Boateng successfully struck the ball into the goal despite the convoy opposing players. This is the first Boateng goal for Milan in Serie A.

    Through cooperation Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho, Milan's defense continued to bang on his guests in search of the second goal. But it was goalkeeper Cristian Abbiati who can threat on 16 minutes when Andrea Caracciolo acrobatic kick right leads to the embrace of Abbiatti.

    Through its action in minute 27, Robinho managed to penetrate the defense of Brescia. But his efforts to score was fruitless because the ball hit the side kick just outside the goal.

    A minute ago Robinho actually scored a goal that changed the position to be 2-0. Goals are caused by errors Hetemaj who try to do backpass, Robinho was easily scored his fifth goal for Milan from close range.

    Not to lose the joy Rosoneri, another goal was born into a goalpost Brescia. This time the goal scorer Ibra him after he passed Gilberto Martinez and hard kick off which led to the corner of the goal. Milan winning 3-0.

    Through an error return Brescia Milan players have a chance to make goals. The visitors are lucky because this time his effort rebound Robinho failed Boateng blocked a kick-back opponent.

    In the second half that made Milan's pressure does not decrease. Gennaro Gattuso could even have a chance to make goals when his efforts to execute assist ball from Robinho successfully thwarted by Martinez.

    Ibra again have a chance when he tried to grab the ball bounce kick results Ignazio Abate. Attractions overhead kick that he did not produce the desired result because the skin round her still deviated from the target.

    Allegri Massimilliano enter Ronaldinho when the game remaining 20 minutes to replace Ibrahimovic. Brazilian attacking midfielder directly to the opportunity, though later failed to lead to a goal because his left foot shot welcomes cross Abate still misses the point.

    Milan's last chance to increase the advantage to come from collaboration with Mathieu Flamini Gattuso. Successful pursuit of bait breakthrough, long-distance kick the French midfielder did not endanger the goalkeeper Sereni.

    Team Line-up:

    AC Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta (Yepes 46), Thiago Silva, Zambrotta, Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini (Flamini 63), Boateng; Ibrahimovic (Ronaldinho 69), Robinho

    Brescia: Sereni; Zebina, Bega, Martinez; Berardi, Vass (Budel 66), Hetemaj, DaprelĂ ; Diamanti, Kone (Eder 58); Caracciolo


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