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  • Osasuna 0-3 Barcelona: Messi double, Pedro clinical-finish

    Barcelona earned full points when visit to the Osasuna headquarters. Three points brought home by the Catalans thanks to a 3-0 victory, in which two goals from Lionel Messi.

    Kick-off Osasuna contra Barcelona on Saturday (12/4/2010) retreated about 45 minutes from the original schedule. This occurs because the new Barcelona come less than one hour before the match begins.

    Even so Barcelona is able to bring home three points from the Reyno de Navarra thanks to a 3-0 victory through goals created by Pedro Rodriguez and twice from Lionel Messi. This is also the first defeat at home to Osasuna in La Liga this season.

    Additional three digits to establish Azulgrana on top of the standings with 37 points, five points clear of Real Madrid.Osasuna was ranked 12 with a collection of points 15.

    The game

    Osasuna took the initiative to conduct attacks in the early minutes of the game. Several times led invasion Juanfran troublesome Barcelona defense.

    Opportunity's first gold in this game belonged to the visitors. In the third minute, kicking David Villa is receiving feedback from Iniesta is still far from the target.

    Two minutes later, Lionel Messi and Pedro cooperation again presents an opportunity for Villa. But this opportunity again failed to be maximized by the Spanish national players.

    The 16th minute, Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes made a mistake. The ball kicks it leads to Javier Camunas. Osasuna attacker is then kick off that can still be captured by Valdes.

    Goal! Osasuna 0-1 Barcelona. Josep Guardiola's men opened the scoring the 26th minute through Pedro Rodriguez kick after receiving feedback that is released Messi breakthrough. Not getting the Guard means, Pedro opened fire flat that failed dammed Osasuna goalkeeper Ricardo Lopez.

    Two minutes later, Barcelona re-launch pressure. Pedro Villa Cooperation and terminated by the execution Messi. But Argentina's players shot from the left still hit the far post.

    Messi! The 43rd minute gaming Barcelona motor is almost added advantage. His strike could be defeated by Ricardo. The ball rebounds and is cast Osasuna players and led to a corner kick for the visitors.

    Barcelona added advantage in the middle of the second half, precisely in the 65th minute. Decoys David Villa Messi successfully maximized to bring the visitors ahead 2-0.

    Ten minutes later, David Villa who had escaped from the convoy Osasuna players then ran up to the penalty box. El Guaje then opened fire which still secured Ricardo. Opportunity Villa in the 82nd minute also still be defeated Ricardo.

    Osasuna defender Sergio Fernandez violations against Messi in the 84th minute led to a penalty for the visitors. Messi himself become executioners successfully carry out their duties properly. 3-0 score lasted until the final whistle is blown.

    Team Line-up:

    Osasuna: Ricardo; Flano, Sergio, Montreal, Nelson, Nekounam, Shojaei, Juanfran, Punal (Lolo 77 '), Camunas (Pandiani 40'), Soriano (Lokic 62 ')

    Barcelona: Victor Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Abidal, Daniel Alves, Busquets, Iniesta, Xavi (Keita 83 '), Messi, Pedro (Jeffren 87'), David Villa (Bojan 87 ')


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