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  • Almeria 1-1 Real Madrid: Granero great-strike

    Real Madrid was just not able to reap an extra digit at the headquarters of Almeria. Madrid even missed the first before it could impose the score 1-1 with team at bottom of the table, Almeria.

    El Real unexpected could not gain full points in the trip to Almeria, on Sunday (1/6/2011) , given the difference class between of them.

    A visit to the Estadio Mediterraneo, Madrid continued to launch attacks into defense Almeria streak. But then it surprising Almeria with goals from Jose Ulloa made at minute 60.

    Just 17 minutes later Madrid success hard kick evened the score through substitute Esteban Granero. That last goal in the match.

    With these results, Madrid move in position two Primera Liga standings with 48 points, one point behind Barcelona's new top standings will play Jornada 19. Almeria itself remains locked in the bottom of the standings.

    The game

    Goalkeepers Diego Alves tested Angel Di Maria at minute 13. However, Madrid winger kicking it still has not been difficult for the goalkeeper Almeria.

    At minute 16, Ronaldo is mounted alone on the front lines trying hard fired from outside the penalty box. Direction is still appropriate to the goalkeeper.

    Ronaldo's hard kick off at minute 33. But her right to the goalkeeper Diego Alves.

    Pablo Piatti receive cross with a glancing header into the goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the 34th minute. The ball still has not been difficult for the goalkeeper Madrid because it is still far from the target.

    Five minutes before the break, Madrid malicious attacks. Kaka bait and Ronaldo received a half-volley and then perform a kick. Alves was dismissed but try throwing the ball ruled Di Maria. Damn him, his shot did not fit.

    Four minutes into the second half, Ronaldo did the typical dribble himself before rolling the ball to the right and fired a shot. However, her right to the goalkeeper.

    Madrid re-spread attack at minute 53. Kaka is back to the goalkeeper to give the ball to Xabi, who promptly kicked the ball despite Alves still spry dismissed and then arrested on a second chance.

    Wasted a golden opportunity to Madrid in 57 minutes. Alonso sent a ball to the far post and Sergio Ramos managed to meet with the head. But the ball is still far from the goal.

    Madrid goalkeeper then breaking even in minute 60. Jose Ulloa successfully break through the goalkeeper Iker Casillas after receiving the ball loose from Madrid defender detained Piatti. Almeria 1-0.

    Ronaldo's penetration in the left and then fired hard at minute 63. Alves was able to hold with his legs.

    Granero evened the score at minute 77. The replacement players running in and kicking her hard right wing after receiving the pass Karim Benzema, Alves could not detained.

    Madrid gets a free kick in the last minute. Ronaldo's first kick on the opponent's hand and Madrid can be a free kick again.

    This time Ronaldo gliding swift kick towards goal despite Almeria just finally hit the crossbar and bounced away from goal.

    Team Line-up:

    Almeria: Alves, Macedo, Ortiz, Silva, Garcia, M'Bami, Bernadello, Piatti, Crusat (Jakobsen '75), Ulloa (Goitom '89), Uche (Vargas '64).

    Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Marcelo (Granero '64), Albiol (Carvalho '64), Ramos, Alonso, Khedira, Kaka (Benzema '54), Oezil, Di Maria, Ronaldo.


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