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  • Barcelona 4-1 Malaga: Villa double, Iniesta, Pedro scored

    Barcelona obtained convincing victory as host Malaga. These results not only confirm the position Azulgrana on top of the league but also increasingly widen the distance with his rivals, Real Madrid.

    Barca performed brilliantly in front of its own public. At the Nou Camp on Sunday (1/6/2011) , troops Pep Guardiola appears strong with 4-1 victory over Malaga.

    Goals the home team victory is created thanks to Andres Iniesta, David Villa (two goals) and Pedro. Duda create entertainment Malaga goal through a free kick.

    These results establish the position of Barca at the top who are now collecting 52 points. Balanced results obtained his eternal rival Real Madrid to make them more benefit because the distance that the original one to be widened into four figures.

    On the other faction, Malaga fixated on the order of 16 with points. Or just one point from the relegation zone.

    The game
    Guest team's goal was breached when the game has been running eight minutes. Working closely with Dani Alves, Andres Iniesta in the middle of the box easily scored.

    Guest team goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo make glorious rescue. On 17 minutes Xavi hard kick and Asenjo launched successfully brushed it off tightly.

    Malaga goal back a minute later collapsed. Starting from the success of Sergio Busquets grab the ball, Lionel Messi's pass to David Villa who scored the ball from the left side of the field.

    An opportunity for Malaga came in minute 27. Duda corner kick, controlled by Demichelis headed a pass by but still widening.

    Alves has had to leave the field more quickly. He looked injured and was replaced by Adriano.

    Action solo run by Messi again endanger the goal of Malaga. From the narrow point of the world's best player twice makes the only nesting cukilan kick on the opponent team's goal.

    Goal! Barca left Malaga with three goals in 36 minutes. From operand Messi, Iniesta off a successful kick pushed over but the ball rebounded straight Asenjo just struck by Pedro and entered.

    There is no five minutes, Barca back to almost make additional goals. Through the lightning attack, Villa sent a crossing to Messi, who is free-standing. Unfortunately, the ball is allowed to escape because Messi looks not ready.

    Before halftime, the home team had another opportunity through Massey. Backheel Pedro Iniesta passed to Messi, who took off a kick from a narrow angle. Kick can be driven Asenjo.

    After winning far, Barca played a little more relaxed in the second round. It is used by the visitors which eventually can make replies goals in 68 minutes through a free kick.

    Widower who became executor kick off the curve. Who drove the ball to the left past the posse of Barca and not able to reach Victor Valdes.

    Villa add a collection of his tally to two in this match in 73 minutes. Getting feedback breakthrough Xavi, Villa which merged bamboozle Asenjo. Barca 4, Malaga 1.

    Messi looks to score but the opportunity was not to him. Bojan precisely who gets a chance but unfortunately his shot to be blocked by Asenjo through his legs.

    Team Line-up:

    Barcelona: Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Alves (Adriano 28 '), Busquets, Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro (Bojan 82'), Villa, Messi

    Malaga: Asenjo, Robson, Demichelis, Mtilinga, Mono, Maresca (Eliseu 59 '), Camacho, Duda, Apono, Baptista, Owusu-Abeyie (Rondon 59')


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