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  • Chelsea 1-1 Everton: Lampard great-finish, Baines free-kick

    Chelsea journey in the FA Cup had finished. Everton are the team to get rid of it through a West London drama penalties. In the following round, The Tofees will face Reading.

    Chelsea face Everton at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (19/02/2011) in the FA Cup fourth round replay. In the game before both teams drew 1-1.

    At 120 minutes the game, the score is also located 1-1. Carlo Ancelotti's squad ahead first through Frank Lampard at minute 114, Leighton Baines free-kick equalized through five minutes later.

    In the round of penalty kicks, the care team David Moyes managed to win 4-3. Everton failed to executor who is Baines. Meanwhile, Chelsea are not successful executioner is Nicolas Anelka and Ashley Cole.

    In the next round, The Tofees will meet with Reading. The match was held on 1 March.

    The game

    Opportunities for the Blues present in the 19th minute. Phil Jagielka almost break his own team's goal when trying to block the ball free kick. Goalkeeper Tim Howard with alacrity to secure the ball coming.

    A wave of attacks comes from the Blues back into the 24th. Frank Lampard is pierced into the penalty box to get tougher from Marouane Fellaini escort. Then the English players were passing backwards.

    Florent Malouda shot next ball that still could be pushed over Tim Howard. Didier Drogba struck the ball rebound off the execution from outside the penalty box. The results still deviated from the target.

    Malouda! The 31st minute, cooperation with Didier Drogba was created great chance. But Howard swiftly earned Chelsea a chance to stop it.

    Seven minutes later, turn to Drogba, who has a chance. Ivory Coast player is off-kick from outside the penalty box that was passed over the wicket The Tofees.

    Two minutes after the restart, Drogba Everton threaten the goal. Chelsea striker's free-kick that could be countered Howard.

    The 64th minute, Everton goalkeeper from the United States that undermines kick Lampard previously receiving feedback from Ramires.

    Ten minutes later, Seamus Coleman header after receiving a cross from Diniyar Bilyaletdinov can still be arrested Petr Cech.

    Opportunities The Blues again ran aground. The 82nd minute, Malouda moving puncture into the penalty box age receiving feedback from Lampard. Howard advanced to close the space shoot Malouda.

    Then Malouda sent the ball back to Lampard. Last name off a shot that was still hovering over Everton goalkeeper.

    Three minutes into the dispersal Everton had scored through Marouane Fellaini. But Belgium was disallowed because the player was in the off-side position.

    Chelsea kept the pressure waged in the first 15 minutes of extra time. Branislav Ivanovic still kick sideways.

    The Blue fruitless effort at minute 113. Is Frank Lampard who managed to break Everton's goal.

    This goal came from the movement of Anelka from the right side who then sent a cross into the penalty box. Drogba had received the ball and then passed to Lampard. Numbered eight players back it off a shot that failed dammed Howard.

    Chelsea's superiority only lasted five minutes. Everton managed to equalize through a free kick Leighton Baines.

    Last chance at a normal time belonged to Chelsea. Catch Tim Howard to ward off Essien could kick off. But the goalkeeper managed to secure U.S. origin that state before the ball snatched Nicolas Anelka.

    Penalty Kicks

    In the penalty spot round, Chelsea failed to executor of his duties is Nicolas Anelka and Ashley Cole. Anelka denied Howard's kick, while the kick bounced Cole. There are also contributors to The Blue figure is Lampard, Drogba and Essien.

    There was Everton had failed in the first kicker when Baines shot pushed over Petr Cech. But then kick Phil Jagielka, Mikel Arteta, John Heitinga, and Phillip Neville managed to break the Blues goal.

    Team Line-up:

    Chelsea: Cech, Cole, Terry, Ferreira, Ivanovic, Lampard, Malouda (Anelka 91 '), Mikel (Essien 46'), Ramires, Drogba, Kalou (Zhirkov 110 ')

    Everton: Howard, Jagielka, Neville, Distin, Baines, Coleman, Cahill (Bilyaletdinov 70 '), Osman (Heitinga 95'), Arteta, Fellaini, Beckford (Anichebe 80 ')


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