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  • Manchester United 1-0 Crawley Town: Brown great-header

    Manchester United cruised into the quarterfinals of the FA Cup after a 1-0 win over Crawley Town. Single goal of delivering the MU is packaged by Wes Brown great-header.

    Crawley Town to face Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday (19/02/2011) in the FA Cup fifth round match.

    Sir Alex Ferguson is backing up the names of which usually become regular players like Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher.

    For duet attacker, the Red Devils rely on Javier Hernandez and Bebe as a starter.

    Darron Gibson Bait breakthrough in the 27th minute to open opportunities for Chicarito. But because it was too long, that cannot be catch by this Mexican player.

    The hosts opened the scoring the 28th minute through a header Wes Brwon. Receiving a cross from Gibson, Brwon gore and lodged the ball into the left corner Crawley Town. This is Brown's first goal for United after nearly three years did not thrill the opponent's goal.

    Excellence is not a goal to make MU satisfied. Pressure continues launched Chicarito cs. The 36th minute Gabriel Obertan could still kick by goalkeeper Michel Kuipers. While Gibson kick after working with Bebe few moments later also still be stopped Kuipers.

    Three minutes after the restart, the Red Devils to create opportunities. After exchanging feedback with Wayne Rooney, Gabriel Obertan successful puncture of the left and send feedback to the penalty box. Before the ball is struck Chicarito, the skin round earlier discarded by Pablo Mills.

    Crawley several times able to trouble the MU defense. However, an effort that the team competed in the National Conference that still is not much trouble goalkeeper Andres Lindegaard.

    The 54th minute, Fabio fired a shot from outside the penalty box that can still be arrested Kupiers.

    Owned neat opportunity for the visitors in the 71st minute. From the left side, Richard Brodie sent a cross into the penalty box. David Hunt who do not receive direct means welcome convoy was crossing. But his shot is still sideways from the target.

    Four minutes later, Crawley again threatened. Exploiting chaos in the penalty box MU, Matthew Tubbs do salto kick but the effort still has not managed to penetrate the goal that kept Lindegaard.

    In the remaining time, Crawley was not quitting. Goalposts thwart Richard Brodie header in injury time.

    Wayne Rooney! Manchester United almost added advantage. Rooney gets tight convoy in the penalty box when receiving feedback from Chicarito, could release a shot that was still on the thin side Crawley goalkeeper.

    Team Line-up:

    Manchester United: Lindegaard, O'Shea, Brown, Rafael (Smalling 53 '), Fabio (Fletcher 68'), Carrick, D. Gibson, Anderson (Rooney 46 '), Obertan, Hernandez, Bebe

    Crawley Town: Kuipers; Howell, Mills, McFadzean, Bulman, Smith (Rusk 80 '), W. Gibson (Cook 69 '), Hunt, Torres, McAllister (Brodie 62'), Tubbs


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