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  • Real Madrid 2-0 Levante: Benzema, Carvalho scored

    Real Madrid close the distance with Barcelona at the top of La Liga. The results obtained after Los Merengues beat Levante 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday(19/01/2011).

    Play in front of their own supporters, Madrid appeared dominant in almost all 90 minutes of action. A quick goals from Karim Benzema and second goal came from Ricardo Carlvalho give El Real to-19 victory in the Spanish League this season.

    An additional three points from this match makes Madrid now have 60 points, and the more solid in second position standings. Cristiano Ronaldo cs now just two points behind Barcelona, who will compete tonight to face Athletic Bilbao.

    Success is also a good stock mengadapi Madrid's Champions League round of 16 next midweek. In the first knockout phase of that Madrid will face Olympique Lyon.

    The game

    Madrid did not take long to open a new advantage over Levante because their running game six minutes had managed to break his opponent's goal by Karim Benzema.

    Madrid's first goal was born thanks to the extraordinary individual action Angel Di Maria who passed three opposing players when poked into the penalty box. Remove the bait horizontally to the far post from the right side, the ball the right leads to the foot perfectly Benzema kicked into the goal.

    Another pressure towards Levante came not long ago when Ramos kick off the mark. Meanwhile, Ronaldo headed in after 15 minutes to welcome the bait Di Maria was still hovering over the wicket.

    Los Merengues really dominated the fight and not give out his guests the opportunity to build an attack. Di Maria's goal re-spread threats to kick curved Levante when he fired could be pushed over with one hand by goalkeeper Gustavo Munua.

    Munua re-create rescue on 24 minutes when he brilliantly block the kick Benzema. But four minutes before halftime Munua goal must be willing to give way for the second time.

    This time Carvalho who changed position to be 2-0 through goals that he made with ease. Standing in front of goalkeeper Levante without escort, Carvalho stayed stuck out his leg to deflect the ball free kick taken by Ronaldo is not far from the right side of the penalty box. Score 2-0 last until halftime.

    Not many changes occur in the second half with the host still dominate the game. Two successive chances were obtained protégé Jose Mourinho at minute 54.

    Starting from the foresight Di Maria let go of the bait on Benzema who escaped the offside trap when entering the penalty box, bait released French striker was blocked by goalkeeper Munua. Business Sami Khedira grabbed the ball did rebound in vain because Munua had returned to his position, though he narrowly failed to catch the ball kicking the German midfielder.

    Munua back to being the hero when he brushed aside Levante Ronaldo header that can feed measured from Di Maria. He then also do rescue brilliantly when Benzema volleyed block which grabbed the bait at the far post corner kick.

    On 79 minutes Ronaldo likely to increase the advantage when receiving feedback dalap Mesut Oezil in the penalty box. But the kick can still be read Munua CR7, and it was his residence in a position to deal with the goalkeeper one on one.

    Madrid continued to press in the rest of the game, but no additional goal is created until the referee blew the long whistle marks the fight ended.

    Team Line-up:

    Real Madrid: Adan; Sergio Ramos, Ricardo Carvalho, Albiol, Marcelo; Kaka, L. Diarra, Khedira, Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo; Benzema. Subs: Arbeloa, Adebayor, Garay, Gago, Dudek, Ozil, Xabi Alonso.
    Levante: Munua, Del Horno, Nano, Juanfran, Cerra, Ballesteros, Xisco Munoz, Iborra, Xavi Torres, Valdo, Caicedo. Subs: Stuani, Hector Rodas, Montero, Juanlu, Lois, Manolo Reina, Xisco Nadal


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