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  • Chili 2-1 Mexico: Araujo, Paredes,Vidal scored

    Chile managed to reap the full points in their first match in the Copa America 2011. Had to miss first, Claudio Borghi foster children successfully cope with the score 2-1 Mexico.

    In a match that was held at the Estadio del Bicentenario, San Juan, on Monday (04/07/2011) , Chile appearing hit Mexico in the first half.

    Driven by Humberto Suazo and Alexis Sanchez, La Roja continue to press the defense of El Tri.

    But it was Mexico who managed to open the scoring in the first minute through Araujo Nestor Alejandro Razo five minutes before first half.

    Starting from the bait Giovanni Dos Santos, then had driven the ball players of Chile. The skin round that led to Araujo's work he snapped to goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. 1-0 score stood until halftime.

    Chile scored the equalizing goal during the second half to walk 22 minutes past goalkeeper Esteban Paredes managed to El Tri. This goal begins from a corner kick, the ball then struck by Carlos Carmona.

    Mexican players who failed to block the ball rolling slowly toward the left goalpost. Paredes grabbed the ball to make the score 1-1.

    Chile back ahead in the 73rd minute. This goal also re-started from a corner kick. Corner released Matias Fernandez Arturo Vidal successfully leading headlong into the far failed to reach by Luis Michel.

    Entering the game late, Mexico has an opportunity through Edgar Ivan Pachecho. But the effort he still has not managed to produce scores for the players thwarted by Chile.

    With this result the Chile for a while topped Group C with three points, followed by Peru, Uruguay, and Mexico.

    Team Line-up:

    Chile: Bravo; Contreras, Ponce, Jara, Fernandez (Carmona 83), Beausejour (Paredes 59), Vidal, Medel, Isla, Sanchez, Suazo (Estrada 90)

    Mexico: Michel; Alanis, Razo, Lopez, Aguilar, Chavez, Garcia, Rosales, Dos Santos, Carmona (Morones 74), Marquez (Pachecho Rodriguez 88)


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