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  • Uruguay 1-1 Peru: Guerrero, Suarez great-finsih

    One more favorite team in the Copa America in 2011 failed to gain full points in his first game. This time is the offset Peru Uruguay 1-1.

    In a match that held in the Estadio del Bicentario, Monday (07/04/2011) , Uruguay have a trio of Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan and Edinson Cavani on the front line of defense Peru difficulty penetrating.

    Peru is not seeded by winning it first before it is equated by Jose Guerrero Suarez. Both goals are printed in the first round.

    The draw earned La Celeste is made of three favorites to win the team has not won in the inaugural match. Previous Argentina and Brazil also won a draw.

    One more opening Group C which will be held for a while longer is Chile and Mexico.

    The game

    In the 7th minute after crossing Uruguayan Diego Forlan threatened almost see Edinson Cavani in the penalty box. Unfortunately Peru defender deftly throw the ball.

    In the 24th minute Peru went ahead, Guerrero who received a long pass from behind and escaped the offside trap, easily outwit goalkeeper Fernando Muslera for Uruguay.

    In the 26th minute following a header from Diego Lugano Korner Forlan still right in the arms of goalkeeper Raul Fernandez.

    Again Forlan threatened goalkeeper Fernandez in the 42nd minute after a shot distance away can still be tamed.

    And in the 44th minute almost double the advantage suppose Peru shot from 20 yards was off the mark on the side of the goal Muslera

    Suarez! Just before halftime Uruguay equalized. Marcelo Lodeiro hard work in midfield ended with a feedback breakthrough into the penalty box. Suarez who ran faster than the defender-defender Peru coolly sending the ball into the nets Fernandez.

    Eleven minute second-half run, Peru had a chance by kicking a half volley Luis Advincula Muslera but can still be ignored.

    In the 69th minute throw away a golden opportunity Forlan. Suarez is trying to escape from the cordon of opposing players to send feedback to Forlan on the left side. Free Forlan could not even maintain the accuracy of the shot so the ball flew far over the bar.

    Uruguay almost conceded in the 89th minute crossing maximize suppose Guerrero's header from Juan Vargas, not sideways from goalkeeper Muslera.

    Until the game ended 1-1 score was still survive.

    Team Lineup

    Uruguay: Muslera, Maxi Pereira, Lugano, Victorino, Caceres, Perez, Arevalo Rios, Lodeiro (Rodriguez 79 '), Suarez, Forlan, Cavani (Hernandez 79')

    Peru: Fernandez, Revoredo, Acasiete, Rodriguez, Vilchez, Balbin, Ballon, Yotun (Vargas 59 '), Guevara (Lobaton 57'), Guerrero, Advincula


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