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  • Peru 4-1 Venezuela: Guerrero hat-trick

    Peru appears as the third winner 2011 Copa America after beating Venezuela by a score of 4-1. Paolo Guerrero became a star by scoring a hat-trick.

    Third-place playoff match between Peru against Venezuela was held at Estadio Ciudad de La Plata on Sunday (23/07/2011). Venezuela itself has been playing with 10 men shortly after halftime.

    After more than half an hour a 0-0 draw, William Chiroque managed to break the deadlock on 42 minutes. Through its partnership with Paolo Guerrero, he successfully brought his team ahead 1-0.

    At the beginning of the second half, Venezuela immediately got two golden opportunities. In minute 46, Maldonado failed to throw the ball inside the penalty box and kick Miku who hit the pole left goalpost.

    Unlucky for Venezuela. After a struggle to catch up, they are now losing his captain, Tomas Rincon, was given a red card due to a dangerous tackle on Carlos Lobaton.

    Goal! Guerrero makes Peru a 2-0 lead over Venezuela in the 65th minute. Starting from a long pass from midfield, Guerrero received the ball a cooperating one-two with Chiroque in the penalty box.

    Bait attraction Chiroque received by Guerrero, who then netted the goal guarded by Renny Vega.

    The decision to enter Juan Arango Cesar Farias replaced Cesar Gonzalez proved right. In the 78th minute, Arango successfully reduce the lag Venezuela to 1-2.

    Arango returned to spread threats through a free kick four minutes later. The ball was captured perfectly by Fernandez but failed to be utilized by Gabriel Cichero.

    Guerrero Peru secures bronze medal after getting struck his second goal on 90 minutes. He made it through the opponent and finish with a kick ahead from the penalty area boundary line of the opponent.

    Guerrero scored a hat-trick in injury time at the same time fulfill Peru with a 4-1 victory over Venezuela. After receiving feedback from the right wing, he was pushed into the middle of the penalty box while you kick off a successful landscape through Vega.

    With this victory, Peru entitled to the third place by getting the bronze medal. While the final match between Uruguay vs. Paraguay will be held on Sunday (07/24/2011) .

    Teams Line-up:

    VENEZUELA: Vega; Rosales, Rey, Vizcarrondo, Cichero; Rincón, Seijas; C. González (Arango 68 '), Orozco; Miku (Rondon 62'), Maldonado.

    PERU: Fernández; Revoredo, Rodríguez, Ramos; Corzo, Balbin, Yotún, Cruzado, Lobatón (Guevara 60 '), Chiroque, Guerrero.


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