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  • Real Madrid 3-0 Chivas de Guadalajara: Ronaldo hat-trick

    Real Madrid had to wait until 73 minutes to score against Chivas Guadalajara. Ultimately, Madrid beat his opponent with a score of 3-0.

    Compete at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, USA, on Wednesday (07/20/2011) , Madrid difficult to penetrate Chivas defence in the first round. Score was 0-0 to close the first half.

    The difficulty is still experienced by Madrid in the second half. New in 73 minutes broke the deadlock Los Blancos success through the efforts of Ronaldo.

    This goal stems from the action Karim Benzema on the right wing. French attackers were later removed leading to a horizontal feed Ronaldo. Had struggled for a moment with defenders, Ronaldo finally kick goal to fruition.

    Madrid's Ronaldo doubled the lead on 76 minutes through a perfect penalty. Referee awarded a penalty kick after defender Madrid, Pepe, was dropped opponents in the forbidden box.

    Madrid complete his victory in 82 minutes. Ronaldo recorded a hat-trick after a horizontal kick welcomes feedback Mesut Oezil Chivas tear the nets.

    It became the second victory in Madrid's trip to the United States after the previous game to silence the Los Blancos Los Angeles Galaxy with the position 4-1.


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