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  • Novara 3-1 Inter: Rigoni double, Ranocchia red-card

    Inter Milan back to defeat them this season in Serie A. Novara campaign against the team, the Nerazzurri defeated by a score of 1-3.

    In a match that held in the Stadio Silvio Piola, Tuesday (09/20/2011), Inter played like without a pattern since the first round and there was no coordination between the players. Like the previous game-match, the back line is still problematic.

    Inter left in the first half goal by Riccardo Meggiorini. In the second half Novara added two goals by Marco Rigoni.

    Esteban Cambiasso scored Inter's entertainment. For the first time since the season 1983/1984, Il Biscione not able to win three games early Italian League.

    For a while Inter slumped in the 17th position, which stood at one point. While Novara up to order to-7 with four points.

    The game

    Inter's goal was threatened in the 3rd minute when Christian Chivu backpass imperfect and hardly used Meggiorini through a kick which still stuck to face Julio Cesar.

    From the corner of the football situation was fruitful and the ball almost into the net was swept Chivu Cesar suppose right at the goal line.

    In the 7th minute through Wesley Sneijder Inter tried to create chances but Sneijder's shot from 25 yards is still far off the mark.

    Sneijder again have a chance on 36 minutes when a shot from outside the box is released but still right in the catchment Ujkani.

    In the 37th minute finally able Novara superior first after an attack from behind, Mazzarani sending the ball into the penalty box and received Meggiorini.

    Meggiorini release left foot shot past the obstacles and Cesar Chivu before ripping the nets Inter.

    Seven minutes after the restart Inter almost conceded. Mazzarani breakthrough that got the ball ran between Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti. Stay dealing with Cesar, the shot can still be blocked leg Mazzarani Cesar.

    Giampaolo Pazzini in the 69th minute to create opportunities unfortunately his shot from inside the penalty box still soaring over the bar.

    Pazzini! In the 75th minute breakthrough Pazzini receiving feedback from Cambiasso and right-foot shot is released, the ball was off the mark on the side of the goal Novara.

    Inter increasingly drowned while on 85 minutes Novara awarded a penalty following a breach Ranocchia to Morimoto in the penalty box and made him sent off.

    Rigoni who ran as an executor successfully outwit Cesar and make the team's 2-0 campaign.

    A minute before the normal time running out, Cambiasso cut the gap through a penalty kick inside the box to maximize the heat in front of goal.

    Rigoni! Novara player's back goalkeeper Cesar. The ball rebounds from a Cesar save, hitted by Giorgi, Rigoni easily defeat Inter goalkeeper.

    Games came to an end for the victory with a score of 3-1 Novara and Novara was the first won over Inter.

    Team Lineup:

    Novara: Ujkani; Dellafiore, Paci, Lisuzzo, Gemiti; Porcari, Radovanovic (Marianini 64), Rigoni; Mazzarani (Pause 67); Morimoto, Meggiorini (Giorgi 62)

    Inter: Julio Cesar; Lucio, Chivu, Ranocchia; Zanetti, Cambiasso, Sneijder (Zarate 67), Nagatomo; Forlan (Pazzini 46), Milito, Castaignos (Obi 46)


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