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  • BATE Borisov 1-1 AC Milan: Ibrahimovic great-finish

    AC Milan could only pick one number when they travel to BATE Borisov cage. Got ahead, Milan had to settle for an end game with the score 1-1.

    In a match that took place on Tuesday (01/11/2011), Milan controlled the course of action since the kick-off done. Noted, the Rossoneri won control of the ball to 70% at the beginning of the first half.

    The Game

    Milan had a chance through Alberto Aquilani at minute 16. However, kicking the midfielder from the front of the goal was wide.

    Two minutes later, turn to Ibra who get the chance. Unfortunately for him, which released a free kick from the right side of defense could still be blocked BATE goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor.

    Ibra finally brought Milan winning when the game entered 21 minutes. Starting from the ball captured in the area of ​​defense BATE, he then gave the pass to Robinho. The last name and then dribbled a bit before finally releasing a cross into the penalty box.

    There, Ibra was ready for him. After holding the ball for a while, he fired a right foot kick goal against BATE. Goal is created.

    BATE had a chance in 37 minutes. Feedback from Dmitry Baga from the left side was met with a kick by Artyom Radkov. However, kicking Radkov still soar above the Milan goal.

    Milan back again. It's just luck has not been party to Robinho. Brazilian player kicks it still hit the crossbar in 39 minutes so that efforts to increase the advantage Milan fail.

    In the second half, exactly at minute 55, BATE finally equalized to 1-1. Goals came from the penalty spot after a foul on Ignazio Abate Kontsevoy Artem.

    Kick executed by Renan Bressan managed to outwit Christian Abbiati and the home team had scored a draw again.

    At minute 59, Ibra threatened BATE goalkeeper when he fired a hard kick from the left side. Kick it leads right into the goal, but Gutor still be dismissed. Two minutes later turn to Thiago Silva, who get golden chance. The result? Silva's header was off the side BATE goalkeeper.

    Kevin-Prince Boateng almost took Milan ahead again. After receiving the bait away from the midfield, he fired a left foot kick from inside the penalty box. His first effort it could still be blocked Gutor. Trying to catch the ball back, but again the kick is successfully blocked, this time by BATE defender.

    Until the long whistle sounded, the score remained 1-1. Milan had to be content, which stood at one point in the cage opposite.

    Thanks to this result, Milan is still perched on top of Group H with a value of 8. However, the prone position is shifted Barcelona will play against Viktoria Plzen for a while longer. BATE while still in third place with a value of 2.

    Teams Line-up:

    BATE Borisov: Gutor, Simic, Radkov, Bordachev, Yurevich, Likhtarovich (Olekhnovich 63), Valadzko, Bressan, Kontseyov (Gordejchuk 84), Skavysh, Baha (Pavlov 76).

    AC Milan: Abbiati, Silva, Nesta (Bonera 67), Taiwo, Abate, Ambrosini, Boateng, Nocerino, Aquilani (Seedorf 69), Robinho (Ganz 83), Ibrahimovic.


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